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Pathways: The Sovereignty of God (4/11 - 5/30)
Today’s outline: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DBl4uDNU6n_D6mkjXWG7omOeTXwLzrayvn_0u1rM1-w/edit?usp=sharing
VERSE 1I once was lost in darkest nightYet thought I knew the wayThe sin that promised joy and lifeHad led me to the graveI had no hope that You would ownA rebel to Your willAnd if You had not loved me firstI would refuse You stillVERSE 2But as I ran my hell-bound raceIndifferent to the costYou looked upon my helpless stateAnd led me to the crossAnd I beheld God’s love displayedYou suffered in my placeYou bore the wrath reserved for meNow all I know is graceCHORUSHallelujah! All I have is ChristHallelujah! Jesus is my lifeVERSE 3Now, Lord, I would be Yours aloneAnd live so all might seeThe strength to follow Your commandsCould never come from meO Father, use my ransomed lifeIn any way You chooseAnd let my song forever beMy only boast is You
Andrew Bywaters