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Pathways: The Sovereignty of God (4/11 - 5/30)
Today's outline: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GgLEr_jqvO3uEShmZUPOigreAIO7N4RFqxaqWqbWyNw/edit?usp=sharing
Nathan Hsu
How would you discuss with someone how this election and mercy is just and impartial? Justice in humans eyes versus justice in God’s eyes
Nathan Hsu
1 Is there any correlation for Gods glory and joy with his creation’s joy? 2 Is it correct to say because God is God he is the only one allowed to be prideful and desire glory for himself? 3 Can this understanding/revelation of the drama of redemption being better than no fall at all be made known to a seeker or is it more so after one takes a step of faith to trust in Christ first?
Nathan Hsu
How do you explain impartiality along the context of geographical birth and lineage?
Anh Nguyen
How do you reconcile the grief you have for those who perish whilst celebrating the joy of salvation? Is/should/will there always an element of grief accompanying this joy?
Anh Nguyen
Does God grieve those who perish while being glorified?
Anh Nguyen
Thanks, PAndrew